Ewing Park and the Leo Hartney Pavilion

The United Cricket Club secured Ewing Park as their home base in 1985. Since that time the club has embarked on a facilities-development plan that has seen the venue become the premier facility in the association and the envy of other clubs in the region.

New training practise nets were constructed immediately and major improvements to these were carried out three years ago. These nets are an outstanding practise facility with carpeted wickets, fully concreted surrounds, and as they are situated on the playing area, the bowlers run ups are fully grassed.

In October 1990 the club opened the Leo Hartney Pavilion amid much celebration. This was the culmination of many years saving and hard work. This modern facility has two large change rooms, store rooms, shower and toilet amenities The club was involved with many aspects of the construction through voluntary labour. This commitment meant that the club could afford to construct their own social room with bar and kitchen onto the pavilion. This room is acclaimed by all who enter it. The walls are adorned with photos and memorabilia of the club, which creates a unique atmosphere for club members.
The United Cricket Club is extremely proud of the social rooms and through their endeavours has managed to pay all outstanding debts on this facility.

United Cricket Club opened its second storey extension to much fanfare and acclaim on 4 February 2006. Two years of hard work by committe, members and sponsors was brought to fruition as the rooms were officially opened by former United all-rounder and CEO of the Melbourne Cricket Club Mr Stephen Gough.

A 200 strong crowd was thouroghly entertained with the premiere showing of a commerative DVD (created by budding young player Joe Hartney) and a phantom race call by current player and race caller to the stars "racing" Rick Mcintosh. The highlight of the night however was the witty and engaging speech from Mr Gough. The club greatly appreciated the effort Mr Gough made to attend our opening night celebrations.

President Shane Hartney said "A great night was had by all. It is a great indication of the on and off field strength of this club that so many people come out to celebrate with United. The 2nd storey extension to the clubrooms has made this arguably the best cricket club facility in country Victoria." Hartney praised the efforts of all involved in the project. "I think just about everyone, past and present players & members has made some contibution to the construction / completion to the extension. The second storey building would not have been possible without the volunteer work from club members. We were able to make considerable cost savings this way."

In 2012, United Cricket Club proudly open their new cricket nets and center wicket.

The U- Bar

The United Commitee Room

The UCC Display Cabinet